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Scientific Dissemination: The CCES website

We are excited to share with you one of our most significant initiatives – the creation of the CCES website! The website, located at, is an excellent resource for information on the center and its members. It’s regularly updated with new research highlights, scientific communication pieces, in-depth reports on scientific production, software development, career openings, and accessible resources.

As of October 20th, 2022, we have published 256 items on the website, including 138 news articles covering our scientific achievements, 16 software packages, 49 newsletter articles, and 24 events. The remaining entries describe awards, conference talks, theses, and more. We’re thrilled to report that according to WordPress statistics, the website has had around 70,000 unique users since its creation.

We’re proud to offer this invaluable resource and hope that you find it helpful in staying up-to-date with our work at the Center.


A collection of informative and engaging newsletter articles available on the CCES website. Click here! These articles cover a variety of topics, including scientific breakthroughs, upcoming events, and personal accounts.

We invite you to explore the content available on the website and discover articles that interest you. Among the articles, you will find pieces on the latest developments in genomic research in agroenergy, parallel programming, cloud computing, multiscale modeling, and molecular simulations. We have written these articles with a general audience in mind, making them accessible and easy to understand.

Research highlights

A curated collection of resumes of the articles published by the CCES research groups is available in the research highlights section. Specific topics of interest for specialized audiences can be followed, and a general overview of the Center’s scientific achievements can be obtained by navigating the content.

About the center

At the “About” section of our website, you can gain insights into the Center’s infrastructure, composition, history, and current members. Currently, the Center comprises 21 esteemed faculty researchers and numerous talented students and post-doctoral fellows. We pride ourselves on fostering a culture of inclusiveness and diversity, and have made every possible effort to attract and engage with talented individuals from all corners of the globe.



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