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Absence of Off-Diagonal Long-Range Order in hcp 4-He Dislocation Cores

The mass transport properties along dislocation cores in hcp 4-He are revisited by considering two types of edge dislocations as well as a screw dislocation, using a fully correlated quantum simulation approach. Specifically, we employ the zero-temperature path-integral ground state (PIGS) method together with ergodic sampling of the permutation space to investigate the fundamental dislocation core structures and their off-diagonal long-range order properties. It is found that the Bose-Einstein condensate fraction of such defective 4-He systems is practically null (≤10−6), just as in the bulk defect-free crystal. These results provide compelling evidence for the absence of intrinsic superfluidity in dislocation cores in hcp 4He and challenge the superfluid dislocation-network interpretation of the mass-flux-experiment observations, calling for further experimental investigation.
Phys. Rev. Lett. 130, 016001 (2023)




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