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Open Data – Challenges in Data Sharing in Multidisciplinary Environments

Claudia Bauzer Medeiros

University Paris IX Dauphine, France, Feb 14, 2019


Data sharing is one of the main goals of the Open Science initiative, which been declared to be one of the priorities of the G7 group. The digital material to be disseminated refers to a variety of content types – e.g., software, video, sound recordings, spreadsheets, workflows, specifications. Sharing such data has become one of the most important challenges faced by scientists. Indeed, data sharing requires long term planning of data management, covering the entire lifecycle of all data items – from their collection, through cleaning, storage and preservation. Not only are there technical barriers (e.g., due to data heterogeneity or interoperability across repositories and cyber-infrastructures), but distinct norms, regulations and standards often hamper effective sharing. The talk will give an overview of some of the computing challenges faced, and some international efforts being conducted, as well as ongoing activities in Brazil.

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